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"Pick of the Pen" Bull Sale

Saturday April 6, 2019
1 PM

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Supplement Sheet

Our cows work for us, so our bulls will work for you.

Phone Numbers:
Farm 540-552-2520
Martha 540-230-6242
Bill 540-230-6225

Schedule of Events: April 6, 2019
10:00 AM - Bulls on Display
12:00 PM - Complimentary Beef Lunch
1:00 PM - Sale Starts

Teleauction Phone Bidding
Call Bill prior to sale to get a bidder number and telephone number to call Sale Day

Volume & Pickup Discounts:
Individuals or Neighbors can receive a $50 discount for buying 2 or more bulls and receiving the bulls at the same time and/or $50 discount for hauling their own bulls.

Sale Location:
McDonald Farms - Blacksburg, VA

Herd Health:
Herd Veterinarian - Dr. Jason R. Wall, DVM

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The entire herd is on a complete vaccination program for 7-way clostridium, IBR-BVD-BRSV-PI3, Hamophilus Somnuns, Pasturella, Leptospirosis and Vibriosis.  All females are calfhood vaccinated for brucellosis.  All animals are treated twice annually with dewormer pour-on.  Every bull has passed a breeding soundness exam and semen test.  All bulls tested BVD PI free.  All Bulls are AM & NH free by pedigree or DNA test.

All Simmental and SimAngus bulls are homozygous black.  Several years ago we tested all our cows and have tested all subsequent offspring until we have only homozygous black females and use only homozygous black sires.

Semen Interest:
McDonald Farms will retain 1/2 interest in the semen rights on all bulls.  This in actuality will effect very few bulls.

We will collect bulls at our expense and the buyers convenience.  The buyer has 100% possession and 100% salvage value.

Owners, their agents, or anyone associated with the conduction of this sale will not be held responsible for any personal injury, loss, or accident while traveling to or from or while attending this sale.

Registration Certificates:
Registration certificates on all registered cattle will be transferred to the buyer at no additional expense to the buyer.  Remember that EPD's update every six months and may change.

From Interstate 81 take exit 118 C to 460 west follow until you reach  Price's Fork exit to the right.  Go 2.5 miles to where the 4 lanes combine to 2 lanes.

Look for Cox's Golf Driving Range on the right side and turn right onto Walnut Spring Road.  Go .5 mile to sign on the right.

From the West take 460 east until you get to the Price's Fork Exit on the right and proceed as above.

"PICK OF THE PEN" Sale Procedure
All cattle will be uniformly grouped in pens of approximately 4-8 head per pen. The sale cattle will remain in the pens throughout the sale or until ready for loading out. The auction will be conducted inside the shop, but there is no sale ring and no cattle will be brought inside. Each pen will be assigned a very conservative opening bid. We will auction the cattle one pen at a time. In order to start the bidding on a pen, someone must offer the opening bid price and then we auction to the highest bidder, who then has the option of selecting which or however many they desire from that pen at the winning bid price. We continue this procedure until the pen is empty or no one wants the opening bid. If any animals remain unsold in a pen, then we "Pass the Pen" and any remaining animals are available at the "opening bid price" at the settlement table on a first come first serve basis. Any remaining animals will be priced based on quality. None will be priced below their opening bid price.

McDonald Farms Bull Management
We believe that the natural resource of forages in this area is our greatest asset when it comes to livestock production. We strive to produce cattle that can utilize this resource to optimal levels. We also know that our end product must meet or exceed the expectations of all our customers, from the commercial cattle producer, the feedlot operators, the packers and our ultimate customer the consumer.

We have selected these cattle for calving ease, growth performance, milking ability, carcass quality, and calm disposition. They have been performance tested on forage rations in big pastures. We want to produce Decathloners and not a Sumo wrestler.

They have been tested to be BVD-PI free, AMF/NHF/CAF, and ultrasounded. They have passed Breeding Soundness Exams and Semen tests. They are stout strong Bulls ready to go to work.


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